"Saija rescued me from the dread of downsizing. She was a marvel. Her cheerfulness and energy, her genius for producing order, and her creative suggestions were a tonic, before, during, and after our move. She tied up all sorts of loose ends, buckled to the heaviest tasks, moved, measured, and masterminded and won our lasting admiration and gratitude.

D      eishin

"As a child who does not live near her parent, I was so thankful to have Saija helping my father transition from his house to a smaller apartment. Not only is Saija incredibly organized and efficient, she is patient and kind - a delightful person to work with. She managed the high level milestones of the transition and was also attentive to the smallest details.  It gave us peace of mind that someone who is both extremely capable and kind-hearted was helping our father. It was a big move in terms of logistics, but also emotionally and mentally. Saija was fabulous in her multi-faceted role - we could not have done it without her."

A     nn

"Thanks to Saija and Maggie, what I though was going to be a nightmare move from my house into a retirement home turned out to be almost enjoyable. They took care of everything from sorting through belongings to be either kept, sold, or donated, to packing -heaving boxes around, and settling me into my new suite. They arranged furniture, hung pictures and put things away so that with no difficulty I was able to find everything. I couldn't have done it without them. Furthermore, they were always cheerful in many stressful situation. I can recumbent their services without reservation."

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